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Vani Vashishthh has been appointed as a Brand Ambassador of the Jai Ho Foundation

Vani Vashishthh an Actress, Unstoppable India, Jai Ho Foundation Brand Ambassador
Vani Vashishthh an Actress

With her appointment as the brand ambassador for the Jai Ho Foundation, Vani Vashishthh embarks on a new journey to champion the cause of kindness and community support. Her commitment to making a difference in society aligns seamlessly with the foundation's mission, promising a fruitful partnership ahead.

The Jai Ho Foundation has appointed Vani Vashishthh as its brand ambassador to further its outreach efforts. Jai Ho Foundation has been dedicated to supporting those in need within our communities.

Mr Tarun Tiwari, the visionary behind the foundation's initiatives, has been instrumental in spreading awareness by engaging with various personalities to promote kindness and encouragement. The foundation has forged partnerships with esteemed institutions like UPES Dehradun, Nari Shakti Ek Nai Pahal Foundation, and the Rubicon Foundation Pune, focusing on youth development and women empowerment.

 Tarun Tiwari Founder of Jai Ho Foundation , Unstoppable India,
Tarun Tiwari Founder of Jai Ho Foundation

Vani Vashishthh, renowned for her intellect and beauty, has garnered acclaim from prestigious publications like "La Moore" and was crowned "The Face – Diva Personality of the Year" by Films Today Magazine. Hailing from a lineage of distinction, with her father being the noted cricketer turned actor and hotelier Rajeev Vashishthh, Vani brings a unique blend of talent and charisma to her new role.

Born and raised in Oman, Vani pursued her education at TC Berne University of Law in Australia. Apart from her successful acting career, Vani is deeply passionate about travelling, music, and social service. Notably, she is also a Certified NLP Practitioner, advocating for mental health awareness on a global scale.


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