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​An exciting opportunity for individuals and startups in India! If you or someone you know is interested in participating, following the registration process is essential.

Typically, such initiatives require applicants to submit information about their achievements, innovations, and the impact they've made in their respective fields. The selection criteria may differ, but they often include growth,

innovation, sustainability, and contributions to the community or industry. We feature various categories, each designed to recognize and celebrate excellence across various sectors. Some of the notable categories include:

Individual Awards
The Awards aim to acknowledge the contributions made by individual entrepreneurs who have made a significant mark on the landscape of Indian entrepreneurship through their exceptional works and leadership within their startup ventures. 

Young Entrepreneur
Founder of the Year
Women Icon
Social Entrepreneur
Startup Awards

Startups from every sector will receive recognition for their exceptional contributions to enhancing the nation while concurrently establishing prosperous businesses.

Top 100 Startups
Best Startup of the Year
Best Healthcare Startup
Best Social Impact Startup
Best Real Estate Startup
Best Edtech Startup
Best Agritech Startup

Make sure to check the official website or communication channels of Unstoppable India for detailed information on how to register, the eligibility criteria, and any deadlines associated with the awards.

We are open for Unstoppable Top 100 Startups Award 2024 

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