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Unstoppable India Magazine

It is India’s First Magazine with a unique combination of offline and online magazines, we are interviewing many startups, businessmen, NGOs, and many more sectors.
The copies will be distributed 5000+ in 3 states i.e Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat.

The Magazines will be displayed in some renowned hotels and restaurants of the above-mentioned states.

Unstoppable India has tie-ups with many schools and other institutions to leave some ambiguity.

We believe that students should be taught about entrepreneurship and business to build and know more about their career opportunities beyond our typical education system, the only positive motive behind promoting our magazine in schools. Maybe we will find more Tata, Ambanies, Mittal from our upcoming generation.
We want to showcase you as their Ideal Person because we believe every work will be counted.

Also, we are in the process of tying-ups with successful giants like Starbucks, CCD, and Crossworld.
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