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The Dot Com Infoway journey- Who we are

Dot Com Infoway was founded back in 2000. Over the years, it rose from a six-man agency to an acclaimed multi-service tech company with hundreds of employees. As readily proven by its rich portfolio, DCI earned a solid reputation for its mobile app development and digital marketing services.

The company has received and continues to earn numerous awards, the most notable and recent of which are being included in Red Herring’s Top 100 in Asia and earning a consistent spot in Clutch's Top Indian App Developers and Top Mobile App Marketing Companies.

We are always striving to solve the most pressing problems. You can see this in our initiatives over the years, which have centered mostly on improving key industries such as education, healthcare, I.T., financial technology, hospitality, and digital marketing. As much as possible, we love to work with companies that want to develop apps that can be life-changing for the audience they’re targeting.

Obviously, the mobile app development field has since become fiercely competitive, so we never really run out of competitors. Much like any app development company, we also struggle with the usual challenges such as pinpointing any project’s true scope, meeting client demands and budget needs, maintaining quality (especially when coding), designing UI/UX, etc.

As a CEO, you also always have to be finding new ways to acquire funding while making sure they find new ways to acquire funding while ensuring their abilities. It’s about knowing what to pay attention to. Moreover, the aftereffects of the pandemic undoubtedly linger for everyone, and we’re certainly not exempt from that since we’re targeting a mainly global audience.

I guess our humble beginnings can be called unique. We started in 2000 back. Only a few in our country were truly aware of the Internet and its potential. We earned our badge as pioneers, given that history, I guess.

The step-by-step app development methodology we explain on our website undoubtedly lends us a unique touch. I can safely say that it’s one of the main things that contributed to and continue to aid in our long-term success. It’s a combination of a passion to deliver our clients’ expectations, if not exceed them, and a deep love for delivering the genuinely transformative capabilities of the internet and the IT industry as a whole.

I did my primary schooling in Madurai and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the College of Engineering, Guindy in 1995. Before becoming the CEO of Dot Com Infoway, I ran a startup -CRV Infotech. I am also the Co-Founder of Magzter and Galatta Media

At present, we get our funding mainly from company revenues. A substantial slice of it comes from my own personal funds as well. Most of the funds are spent on marketing, sales, and growth investment. That growth applies to the company as a whole, including developing our individual team members and looking for opportunities for additional revenue.

We’re always staying on top of the trends. AI and machine learning are big nowadays for a fairly obvious reason. As are 5G, progressive web apps, chatbots, and blockchain. It’s safe to say that most, if not all, of these trends, are part of DCI’s future plans. As we speak, we’re continuing to expand and develop our teams, and those have always been a part of our vision for the future.

Our company is subdivided according to the main disciplines and responsibilities they're supposed to be handling. We have a dedicated Digital Marketing Head, Sales Team, and Development Team, and all of them have relatively straightforward functions.

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