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Planning for a Party? NM Foods by Tanya is your one-stop solution.

Updated: Jun 2

Tanya Mehta and Nita Mehta launched NM Foods by Tanya. Two accomplished ladies who are already well-known in the culinary world and who wish to revolutionize the catering business.

Organizing an event? You are aware that you require incredible food. The delicious meals provided by NM Foods by Tanya will leave your guests wanting more. High tea parties, luncheons, corporate events, and weddings are all catered by NM Foods by Tanya. Being a wonderful host and a social butterfly already takes a lot of work. Thanks to NM Foods, you can focus on being a great host while we take care of the food and service.

NM Foods by Tanya can cater events for up to 500 people, but they are also accessible for smaller gatherings of 10 to 15 guests.

Tanya Mehta and Nita Mehta launched NM Foods by Tanya. Two accomplished women who have already made names for themselves in the culinary world want to revolutionize the catering sector. Food presentation is elevated by Tanya Mehta, a food connoisseur, and specialist in food plating and presentation. According to Tanya, "People often eat with their eyes first, so food presentation is crucial in catering services." The renowned chef Nita Mehta needs no introduction to the world of cuisine, and she contributes her knowledge and four decades of experience to this catering business.

She trains every chef, and she also oversees the entirety of the cooking processes. Nita Mehta, the Recipe Guru, continues, "The art of cooking is about the sequence of cooking and the selecting of the proper ingredients to impart the perfect flavour.

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No other catering service compares to NM Food By Tanya. They take into account your preferences when creating the menu and even offer specialized culinary choices.

Each recipe has been thoughtfully created while maintaining the authenticity of the food they are experimenting with and the Indian taste in mind. Every taste is catered to, and there is a menu for every occasion. No matter the occasion—a laid-back home party for ten people, a large Indian wedding for more than 500 guests, or even a chic business launch—NM Foods has you covered. Additionally, they provide food in single servings.

The most customer-focused catering business is NM Foods. To go above and above, they create a unique meal for each client based on the theme and mood of the occasion. "We noticed a vacuum in the catering industry: nobody delivers customized food to each client," Tanya Mehta passionately said. For a large occasion, we may recreate our personalized catering style. "Our team of Chefs also ensures there is no compromise on taste & quality," Nita Mehta continues. It's like eating at a fine dining establishment when you place an order from them.

Why are you holding out? Give them a call when you begin to plan your upcoming event. Just give them a general concept of what you would want, then sit back and let the experts handle the rest. The exceptional food and service by NM Foods by Tanya is not only gaining momentum nationally but they are also getting contacted to host events internationally in countries like Turkey & Greece.

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