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NI.NE Luxury - Seasoned with love! Exclusiveand specially curated Table Decor just for you!

Updated: May 25, 2023

A good meal and good cutlery is essential for every occasion! Taste and aesthetic play a really important role during dining!

Meals are appreciated by the people when the food + cutlery, both are delightful! A study in the journal Flavour suggests the brain makes judgments on food even before it goes in the mouth, all of which can be altered by the style of cutlery. Laying out fine sparkling silverware will make a great first impression and lay the foundations of the overall dining experience.

NI.NE Luxury is a Mumbai-based Dining Rental Service!

It is all about a dining experience that you will not only give yourself but also your guests! They have a luxury range of premium dinnerware, serve ware & flatware which is all set to make your parties even more memorable for you & your guests! Now with every party, you do not need to be on the lookout for some fine crockery, NI.NE Luxury has fully got you covered with aesthetic and beautifully designed cutlery on a rental basis. They have a curated range of bespoke crockery & cutlery to match any of your tablescapes!

Rent unique crockery for every occasion you host and give your guests a memorable dining experience!

These dining sets & accessories are easy rentals for you that you can flaunt for any meal – be it a birthday bash, a classic hi-tea or a quiet dinner for two! This is for all those who love to host and love to flaunt new crockery and cutlery at every party!

NI.NE luxury products -

The Tanjore Set carries a Southeast & Central Asian inspiration. The main motif in the centre is rendered from a Indonesian botanical design and is accompanied by a lattice of rounded squares to highlight the contoured design of the elongated motif. The fresh minty green with 24 carat gold decal adds a comtemporary opulence to your dining experience. The set includes - dinner plates, quarter plates, soup bowls, katoris, serving

bowls, platters, serving spoon set, and cutlery.

The Marble Set - Prominently white, with hints of grey, this dinnerware range gives a modern and chic look to your parties! A chic and edgy design curated for your loved ones. The set includes - dinner plates, quarter plates, serving bowls, platters, serving spoon set, and cutlery

The Mandarin Set - Handcrafted from ceramic - it comes in a deep hue that is accentuated with a subtle glaze. Use this dinnerware to entertain guests at home - Best suited to serve Asian cuisine! The set includes - sushi plates, chopsticks, chopstick rest, soy dish, rice bowls, serving bowls, serving spoon, and platter

ABOUT THE FOUNDERS - Neeta & Niyati Mehta, a Mother-in-law and Daughterin-law duo, are The Founders of NI.NE LUXURY DINING RENTALS, a Mumbai-based

Dining Rental Service! Their love for cooking and hosting parties led them to start NI.NE LUXURY DINING RENTALS. They look forward to making your occasion special and memorable!


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