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Markfeet, Upcoming Big name in fitness supplement industry

Rapid technological growth and urbanization have taken a toll on one's health in recent years, encouraging people, especially youngsters to change their lifestyles, and move towards a healthier future have become a steadfast routine for them. To stay away from diseases, and other health impacts, or to just look good and feel good, being fit never goes out of style.

Fitness, health & sports are some of the big 'mega-trends' in India now and with the high efficiency of awareness among the people in terms of fitness, this has also become an industry with surplus market potential and diverse possibilities. Fitness enthusiasts train themselves to be the best physical and mental version of themselves that they can be. Now, with exercise, finding the right supplements needed for all the nutrition one requires on their healthy journey can be time-consuming and become really perplexing.

Manish Vashisht founded Markfeet Nutrition in 2018. He studied Btech in computer science at Delhi University but dropped out in his final year. During that year, he explored markets and trends, finding himself and what ignites his passion for life. Not late when he realized the challenge in the fitness market, being a fitness enthusiast himself, he saw that it was difficult and very untrustworthy to buy additional supplements from the markets. There are a lot of duplicates, often very expensive and not worth the deal.

The prevalence of many fake and touché products, which youngsters buy the most due to their lack of awareness and knowledge in the field, cost them their health. Manish found himself in the same dilemma, being scared and uncertain about where to buy the right, organic, original supplements to support their fitness journey from. This was the big question. And hence, Manish Vashisht came up with, one platform to find all the favorable and original supplements one needs, without any discrepancy.

Recently, Markfeet sponsored one of the biggest fitness expos in Asia, IHFF Sheru Classic in Delhi with a big team of sponsored athletes that includes 2 times Mr. India- Narender Yadav, professional bikini athlete- Shivani Gupta, professional men's physique athlete- Ravi Pawar, famous fitness YouTuber- Aadi Nagar, young and Pro Martial Artist- Shraddha Rangarh, fitness influencer- Komal Verma, Pro Athlete- Jotraj Bajaj, and Pro bikini Athlete- Manpreet Bumrah.

Markfeet's only aim is to assist beginners, youngsters, and other fitness enthusiasts to get the best in sports nutrition. They provide a wide range of products, which are contained in their quality and quantity, at the most affordable rates. Their products contain a comprehensive range of unique internationally-acclaimed products, ranging from pre-workout, protein powders, and creatine to fat burners, BCAAs, multivitamins, and more.

The inclinative part of this exclusive platform is that they won't ever let confusion pass their customers, with professional supportive consultancy it's as smooth as it gets. Don't we all want a single platform to meet all our queries and needs? Markfeet seems to be the one for achieving greater health and fitness targets, with their guaranteed high-quality and professional sports nutrition and guide.


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