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Devang Joshi "An Entrepreneur With Innovative Ideas To Make Atma Nirbhar Bharat "

Food waste occurs for a variety of causes, ranging from food safety regulations to customer preferences. Farmers of all types, on the other hand, make an effort to reduce and utilize waste.

For a variety of reasons, food does not make it from the farm to the market. Farmers are under pressure from regulatory systems, market demand, and even consumer preferences to produce near-perfect produce, which isn't always feasible. However, agricultural sector advancements and farmer inventiveness can help manage a fraction of food loss. Devang Joshi, who overcame it, and how his solar dryers are assisting farmers in decreasing food wastage.

To solve this problem, many farmers and stores are collaborating. To eliminate stale food items, some grocery shops now have departments where these defective fruits and vegetables are sold at a discount. They also teach buyers how to select food that has the same nutritional value as their most visually pleasing varieties. Some blemished fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, can even be turned into commercial meals like carrot sticks.

To solve this challenge, farm-level technology that can boost production and profitability while reducing waste and increasing the value of agricultural output is required, all of which must be within the farmer's budget. In addition, technology should be long-lasting and simple to use by rural women and farmers.

Devang Joshi proposes an original approach to this challenge. It's "The Multipurpose Solar Dryer," which is ideal for farm-level post-harvest technologies while also increasing the value of farm food and its shelf life. This multipurpose solar dryer uses all three heating modes: radiation, conduction, and convection, and is powered by solar radiation. As a result, its efficiency is comparable to that of other less expensive versions on the market. The dryer is also built of stainless steel and uses cutting-edge technology such as CNC laser cutting, CNC bending, and Argon welding.

As a result, the dryer's quality and life span are estimated to be around 20 years, and the cost is within the farmer's budget. Furthermore, because the solar dryer is dustproof, insect-proof, rustproof, rodent-proof, and bug-proof, farmers do not have to worry about the quality of the goods dried by it. This dryer's design is particularly cost-effective since it dries the product under sanitary circumstances while maintaining the food's taste, aroma, flavor, and color, as well as its nutritional content.

Devang also assists farmers by providing entire start-up training, transforming them into "Smart Entrepreneurs" capable of selling high-value products created using solar dryers. Rudra Solar Energy also works on CSR projects with thousands of NGOs and corporations. With their help, the company is empowering farmers and women by launching small businesses at home and on the farm. Farmers can choose from a variety of solar dryer models ranging from 2.5 kg per day to 500 kg per day, depending on their budget, and begin producing high-quality solar dried products from their home terrace or farm. Using Solar Dryers Made in Bharat Devang Joshi is empowering farmers and the country to become Atma Nirbhar Bharat


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