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Bollywood Singer, Vine Arora Hospitalized for minor Heart attack: Exclusive News

Recently, Vine Arora has been hospitalized. As per reports, he had a minor heart attack and was quickly taken to the Max hospital for a further check-up.

Vine Arora is a Bollywood singer, entrepreneur, and film producer who owns Paperstone productions. After launching his first music album, “Diamond Vargi” by T-series, he got a name in the industry. The singer won several hearts with his love song “Absolute Kudiye,” which became his 2nd hit. He even collaborated with an NRI singer in his music album “Akh Meri” which was his third hit. After this, he has given many hit songs. He recently got featured in a Punjabi song “Ban Ja Tu Banda” sung by popular singer Preet Dhaliwal. He has also produced many feature films, web series, short films, and music albums. His web series “Naughty Rasgulla” and Last call won millions of hearts on OTT ShotFlix. Current he is busy shooting his upcoming feature film, “yet to be named”, in Kashmir which might be in theaters in 2022. He is also expected to release his 2 music albums in the coming few months.

During his journey as a rising star from Delhi, he was diagnosed with a minor heart attack recently. Currently, he’s admitted to a hospital. However, his condition is stable at present, and he may get discharged at any time. As per Doctors, high stress and anxiety was the main reason for heart attack.

Vine Arora is becoming more and more popular, and his recently launched OTT platform “ShotFlix” is adding more to his name. He even held the “National Gratitude Awards in 2020,” which was a motivational event for India’s young entrepreneurs. It’s noticeable that Vine Arora is an inspiration to the youngsters nowadays.


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