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Body and Strength- A one-stop for fitness freaks

For a variety of reasons, exercise is a crucial element of our overall health, but what exactly is fitness? It does not imply that you can lift extremely large weights or run a marathon, though those who can do so are in excellent shape. Exercise at a group fitness facility allows the normal individual to enjoy life to the fullest and incorporates the three vital aspects of our being: physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

The state of one's overall physical, mental, and social well-being is referred to as health. It's a way of life that allows you to live your best life and serve the people you love the most. It's a state of generally balanced body form and function that results from the body's successful dynamic adjustment to forces that would otherwise disrupt it. The secret to living a healthy life is to combine regular physical activity with a balanced diet.

In any country, raising health and physical fitness awareness among the socially and economically disadvantaged is a major task. There is a pressing need to incorporate health education into India's educational system in order to instill knowledge and understanding of the necessity and advantages of health and physical fitness. Regular physical activity, along with good habits, will result in a pleasant lifestyle, which will lead to happiness and joy.

Body and strength is a fitness platform which is providing content on fitness and wellness, Body and Strength Pvt. Ltd. Is established in 2020 with the vision of creating creative, marketing, promotional and informative (video series and articles) content on fitness at one media portal which is structured and run by fitness and media professionals together.’s sister company, is the marketing agency for fitness and wellness brands. Body and Strength have worked with all the who’s who of the industry along with coaches, nutritionists, and Sports India athletes. The knowledge of the dynamics of this industry helps harness the right marketing and branding strategy for brands here.

Before the advent of Body and Strength, there was no organized and customized promotional, marketing, and content production services platform for the fitness industry in India. Now, the original entertaining, informative, and engaging content on fitness brings lakhs of the audience to the portal. The audience taken together makes fitness and wellness community which also carries a potential consumer base for fitness brands.

The major challenge was the newness of the concept that encompasses all marketing and promotional needs of the industry as well as connects it to the masses.

Body and strength is a One-stop portal for

1. Fitness Content Creation (Original)

2. Marketing and Advertising agency for fitness brands

3. Fitness Community connections as from celebs to athletes to coaches to nutritionists - all write, read, watch and relay their content here, plus audience come here to watch and read them

From a passion for fitness to the profession in fitness as a certified coach, nutritionist, and athlete till 2018, Honey Grover is now Founder Director at – a fitness media house for athletes, coaches, nutritionists, brands, and fitness events, which is on a mission to become the first digital channel and platform dedicated to the fitness industry. He has over 12 years of experience in the industry, has been instrumental in organizing fitness events, has a knack for creative media, and knows not only to churn out new out-of-the-box ideas but also knows how to make them work. He has a philanthropic side which makes him go an extra mile to promote athletes and bring meaningful news to the table.

Rajul Tiwari is Co-founder and Content Head at and has 20 years of experience in media, content, publishing, and education. She has worked with media houses like Dainik Jagran, HIMCOM, NDTV, IBN, CNN and also has developed content for NGOs linked with UNICEF. She is Managing Editor at Authors Pride Publisher (India). She is one of the editors of the prestigious NCERT book 'Veer Gatha: The story of Param Vir Chakra War Heroes of India'.

She has won Editor's Choice Award twice (2002 and 2004) from the International Library of Poetry (Washington, US) for her contribution to English poetry. She has trained over 3000 national and international students in English Journalism who are now working with reputed media houses across the globe.

Right knowledge, the right connections, and the right marketing techniques can work wonders in organizing the Indian Fitness Industry and promoting fitness and sports athletes/enthusiasts.

Honey says “we are looking forward to becoming first and biggest OTT platform for infotainment-based fitness content, the biggest marketing agency for fitness brands/individuals and a vast structured fitness community under the banner of Body and Strength Pvt. Ltd.”

The core team comprises 8 members that include production experts, journalists and fitness content creators, fitness professionals, social media/digital marketing executives, and IT professionals. The team is driven by passion and takes pride in its innovative solutions for clients and audiences alike.


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