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A Company - by the people and for the people: Suumaya Group

Updated: Jun 2

This splendid journey of Suumaya Industries was started in the year 1985 and took a new shape in 2015 It is a new-age conglomerate specializing in SCM of Agro commodities, PVC, metals, and textiles at its core. They are a collection of parent and subsidiary corporations that function as a single economic entity through a common source of control.

The Group has forayed into the retail industry through two brands – Suumaya and Suuvidham. Suumaya deals in women's apparel, one of its oldest core businesses. Suuvidham is one of their latest ventures, which deals in the rural Kirana retailing and E-tailing segment.

The company has also ventured into the logistics industry through its tech-logistics brand Transs. It has the vision to cater to global logistics needs through its tech-driven customization and seamless yet fast logistics solutions.

Vision and approach “Chase the vision, not money and the money will never stop following you.”

The company is committed to innovation-led growth in the respective industries with a focus on just one prime vision – “Consumer satisfaction”. While searching the agenda of Suumaya, it might be difficult to point out a singular arena on focus.

Suumaya Group, Unstoppable India, Nida Fatima

Each company of the Suumaya Group and its brand is heading towards solving a bigger problem in their respective industry. With a customer-centric approach being the core of each company, they worship values and strategic moves in business.

Each industry has its challenges and ways to battle them. The armour to fight these challenges is their incredible team. Suumaya Industries believes that each one of them being a remarkable expert in their domains has efficiently overcome such challenges. The group as a whole is solving the major problem of getting the right product to the right people at the right price within the right time.

Company’s strength

“To form a great venture, you don’t build a business, you build people, and the people build the business.”

The distinctive thing about Suumaya Industries Ltd is its youth force and experienced brains. Having young minds as a front face but always backed and guided by the industry's veterans gives them an edge over the others.

The company has a unique amalgamation of young minds and diverse experienced personnel working together for a better future for society as a whole. The company is highly gratified for its employees. Their team comprises a bunch of amazing, supportive and enthusiastic people. Suumaya believes their vision would have not gained the momentum it has today without their abundant support.

Core Team

Suumaya's core team is made of people full of zeal, enthusiasm, and vision higher than their ages. The CMD of the Group is Ushik Gala, the backbone of the organization. It is his vision and hard work that has grown this organization by leaps and bounds making it a pioneer in its industry. He started very young when he was 16 and transformed a traditional business into the new-age conglomerate it is known for.

The CFO of the company is Dhwani Dattani, she is adept in the field of accounts and finance and has been a strong catalyst in the growth of the organization.

The VP-OPS of the company is Ishita Gala who is spiteful when it comes to managing processes and people and has been a great driving force in growing the retail segment of the organization.

The core team can't lead the organization to where it is today without their team, respective business heads, and people who have achieved so much together.


Failure is not to be feared, it is from failure that most growth comes. These failures must be taken as a starting for growth. Planning, motivation, and proper vision can take companies to greater horizons. Suumaya Ltd wishes to grow the wealth of all its associates and stakeholders by expanding into new horizons of success each day and each night.

Unstoppable India, Nida Fatima

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