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Zomato - Our Favorite Hunger Saviour

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

It wasn't easy at first to order food from home. To buy food online, one had to pick from a variety of eateries without knowing anything about their evaluations or ratings. Discounts and special offers on dining and food delivery were rare.

Deepinder joined Bain and Company as a Senior Associate Consultant in January 2006 after graduating from IIT Delhi. He founded, which ultimately became, while at Bain. His epiphany moment came when he came up with the idea for To place an order at Bain and Company, everyone had to wait in huge lines. Deepinder and Pankaj, a Bain colleague, devised a clever way to cut down on the time they spent getting food.

The two then decided to use the company intranet to develop a website for Bain workers to purchase food. The website was a hit and attracted a lot of traffic, much to their surprise. Deepinder spotted an opportunity that had the potential to transform the food technology business.

Deepinder's concept ushered in a new era; neither he nor his colleagues expected their concept to become one of the most popular food aggregation brands.

They were forced to add more establishments to the list after their experiment and the response they received. was launched in megacities like Kolkata and Mumbai towards the end of the year. Their business began serving customers in Pune and Bangalore in 2010.

Deepinder has set an example for his coworkers by demonstrating how to establish a firm. Working for 24 hours is never easy, especially when parents put pressure on you to leave a well-established job. Zomato has won numerous honors under his leadership, the majority of which have been user-voted, demonstrating customer satisfaction. It takes a lot of courage to rise from the depths of despair and distress to revolutionize a whole industry. Deepinder Goyal has accomplished this. A millennial can't imagine life without Zomato, and Deepinder has achieved incredible success with his company.

Zomato is a restaurant aggregator in India that delivers food to practically every city in the country. Zomato is a comprehensive restaurant directory. It encompasses everything related to a restaurant, from menus to reviews. Who founded this wonderful firm to satisfy all your midnight cravings? Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, to be precise.

Zomato is steadily expanding its global footprint. They have bought approximately 12 startups in various nations, including overseas competitors, in order to expand their footprint in other countries. Zomato bought Gastronauci, a restaurant search service in Poland, and Cibando, an Italian restaurant finder, in 2014. In 2015, they made their most significant acquisition, purchasing Seattle-based Urbanspoon for an estimated $60 million.


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