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Zlen- The Next-generation Startup

Social media privacy is something that the internet lacks. Messaging and other social media activities can disclose some private information. Protecting this private information needs special software or an app.

Zlen is a next-generation application which is a mashup of social media & private messenger, with a focus on privacy. Zlen was launched in January 2020 keeping in mind your private social space with your closest friends where you can message, create polls, put up posts and have unlimited status & display name changes and chatting features, while maintaining your privacy.

"Privacy is not just a fad! As social media & messenger has become an integral part of our life, platform owners should not take users' privacy and data for granted. At Zlen Safe environment & Privacy is the central piece around which everything revolves. As we lead this revolution in a new type of social media experience, we hope to create more fulfilling online spaces for people across the world."

-Snehal R Gersappa (Founder & CEO)

There is a blurring of lines between your professional/public life and personal life online now. Right from your office people to the delivery person, everyone has access to you through your mobile. Even on social media you can be found with one click. Zlen is more about keeping your space private. There is no discoverability on Zlen. Unlike other social media platforms, no one can search for you on Zlen by using just your name, phone number, or email address. A person needs to know your unique Zlen Code to connect with you. Zlen is not here to replace any existing social media. However, we are here to help create a space for people where they don't have to worry about strangers on the internet but at the same time get to enjoy the experience of socializing with those they trust the most. There is always a sense of obligation on social media; even if you have a private account, people will know that you use the particular app. More often than not, this will put you in a catch 22 situation if someone you know but don’t really want to connect with approaches you.

How Zlen is unique from other social platforms:

An Entry Barrier – Zlen Code – This unique concept of having a Zlen Code which allows users to filter out all unwanted contacts and persons entering or searching you online to connect with you. By this barrier users have full control over whom to connect or allow in their personal space.

No discoverability – write about this. Cannot be searched on app or even online. No one will ever come to know that you are on Zlen unless you reveal it. No obligation to accept unwanted friend requests or reply to chats / messages on your private messenger.

Complete AnonymitySOMEONE ON ZLEN - Say tomorrow you create a group on Zlen with two of your friends, but they are not connected on Zlen with each other. On other apps as you would know you can directly see the number name and any other available details of the people who are part of a group. But on Zlen the two friends will just see each other as Someone On Zlen. They can see each other’s messages in the group when they post but they will not have access to each other’s profile or even know who they are unless they choose to mention it themselves. Similarly, if you share a post and one of your friends likes or comments on it, other friends on in club who are not connected to that friend of yours can only see the comment or like but instead of the profile name it will again say Someone On Zlen

● There is no “last seen” or “online” concept on Zlen, unlike on other apps. There are no chat back-ups, no location tracking on the app

FRIEND REQUEST - Say someone who you don’t want to connect with gets hold of your Zlen Code, and they send you a request to connect. Only the Zlen Code will show when they send the request, so they will not know who the actual person the request has gone to. Only the receiving person can see the profile of the person who has sent the request and if they are part of your contact list. And the receiving person can decide to accept or reject, without the other person coming to know if the request has gone to the right person or not.

Fresh Start- If you want a fresh start on Zlen, you can remove your account and all your data will be purged. Without changing your phone number, you can sign up again and get a brand new Zlen code and get going again.

Mr. Snehal Gersappa is a seasoned industry professional with more than 17 years of experience in Marketing, Sales & Business Development across Banking and Real Estate sectors in Dubai and Mumbai. He has worked with and led teams across prestigious brands such as The Bajaj Group. In his 17-year stint, he has successfully executed projects worth more than 1500 Cr. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Snehal decided to take the leap and start work on Zlen, an app that gives the best of both social media & private messenger with a focus on privacy. Along with Ashwin Datye, CTOa 20+ years industry veteran in the IT space, Snehal has put together a talented team, who over the last 2 years have been working tirelessly to make the idea of Zlen a reality.


Future plans of the company

The goal of the startup is to create a safe and secure space for users who are constantly bombarded with random connection requests, sponsored ads, trolls, and the list. A space where they can let their hair down, freely express their opinions, and enjoy moments with their own set of close people. Seed funding was raised in August 2021. The majority of funds are utilized in building a rock-solid team and stable infrastructure.

Zlen plans to create an exclusive space where users want to experience things other than the current overcrowded environment, which is creating mental fatigue amongst other adverse effects. They have already introduced a new feature called the Zlen World, wherein people can share their creations, with the freedom to do so anonymously or with their own name and control how others interact with it. They want to foster a close-knit community of people having similar values. To the community, Zlen will have a chance to be part of exclusive experiences and access to unique offers through tie-ups with both leading & upcoming brands. Zlen is an exclusive community and down the line it will become a paid app or only by invite app

About Team members

Currently a lean team of just 8 is working tirelessly to make the vision a success. As they are growing, they expect more people to be a part of their team and take Zlen to the next level.


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