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Vanky Kataria, Embarked the Evolution with the SWETA KENNY KATARIA DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES

The Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Vanky Kataria, Founder of SWETA KENNY KATARIA DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES his entrepreneurial journey started as an entrepreneur and how he is helping startups and businesses.

When an entrepreneur runs into a problem or needs help, it might be tough to locate a mentor or an industry authority to turn to. Understanding their perspectives, experiences, and ideas, on the other hand, can make a difference. Today, with digital becoming a game-changer, it is even more critical for medium-sized business owners to use digital technology and tactics to expand their businesses. An online course thrives in this environment. Digital Scale-Up is a term that refers to the process of increasing the size The Medium Business Course, created by specialists in the field, can assist you.

SWETA KENNY KATARIA DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES offers the best Digital Marketing Services for startups, companies, professionals as well as personal brands like founders, CEOs, CFOs, etc. Right from ranking the client’s website to Google to running paid advertisements to generate brand awareness, leads, and sales, it is the one-stop solution for the same. It is currently available and serving clients from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

Digital Marketing has been doing the rounds ever since Reliance Jio brought in a revolution in the internet space. Internet became cheap and consumers had access to mobile phones and the internet very easily. Adding to it, the demonetization in India and the pandemic, Consumers have become digital and brands can reach out to the right audiences by utilizing digital marketing.

Being a trainer who has given over 1500 digital marketing sessions Vanky tries to bring his teaching skills to use while explaining to the startups and companies why digital marketing is important to them and how they can leverage it to their benefit.

One thing which makes SWETA KENNY KATARIA DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES different from others is the fact that due to the teaching experience, Vanky understands that digital marketing is something very new for a lot of professionals. Hence, they try to explain digital marketing to their clients in the simplest of fashions and break it down to the simplest possible level for them to get a better understanding as to what the digital marketing campaign is all about and how they can measure the ROI in their investment.

"We all have someone in our life with whom we have cherished our good and bad days and in my case, I have my mother as my mentor, backbone, guide, and my supporter. While my mother has always played an important in my whole journey, I have a mother, a fighter, a dreamer, a hard-working, down-to-earth lady who has always taught me the basic principles of life and business. I may be a trainer teaching thousands & thousands of students, But, I will always be a student to my mother as she teaches me something new every day, She has done M.Com while I have done Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.” Vanky states.

Vanky says “I started digital marketing while I was in engineering college. I posted an update on Linkedin: Got around 5 likes and 200 odd views. But, I loved the idea that 5 likes constituted 200 views which meant that every like brought in at least 40 eyeballs. So, That’s how I got started with Digital Marketing. After having branded me on Linkedin, I got a great opportunity to be a Digital Marketing Trainer, but, then, slowly, I transitioned to providing Digital Marketing services for startups as well. So, As of today, I have clients for whom I handle their digital marketing as well as I teach digital marketing to students as well.”

They are planning to take this company to the next level by serving small businesses with 1 employee to businesses having tens of thousands of employees we aim to do digital marketing for various companies of different genres under our portfolio.

Never be too proud to do small work and never become egoistic or arrogant after you succeed. Always be the way you’re. Don’t change it for people” Sweta Kenny Kataria (Mother)

While I work with freelancers to distribute work that comes my way, I am forever grateful to my mother Sweta Kenny Kataria who has been my mentor and guide ever since my digital marketing journey started. She has helped me as a friend, a mother, a business manager and I can say that she’s the CEO of my freelancing business.


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