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Tirupati based food tech startup, generating ₹30 lakhs+ revenue

Nithin Krishna, Pavan & Aditya are the founders of Fries & Burger Cafe which is based in Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh).

They would cater to Rs. 80 - 90K business per month without being listed on any aggregators such as Zomato or Swiggy. All of the orders would be taken by phone calls and the customer base grew by word of mouth.

The USP of Fries & Burger cafe is that the patties used in its burgers are in-house made and thus, contain zero preservatives.

The size of a burger is also larger than the industry average. They ensure to make the burger patties and all the other delicacies with a twist and taste of Indian spices and masalas.

Each burger, sandwich, milkshake, mojito, starter, and twisters from the kitchen of Fries & Burger Cafe is 100% handmade and consciously curated in order to provide a mouth-watering experience to its customers.

With zero bad reviews and a proven business model with substantial ROI - Nithin, Pavan & Aditya are extending this opportunity as a franchise to interested foodpreneurs.

They always had the zeal to work extensively on R&D and encounter recipes that are loved and suggested by customers.

Their vision is to make this a franchise brand and open 20 - 25 stores in the upcoming fiscal year.

This is a great opportunity for foodpreneurs to leverage the quality, brand, and standardized procedure by incepting their own franchise of Fries & Burger Cafe.


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