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This Nashik-based startup invented an effective conventional ''Solar Powered vehicle''

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Ankush Magji, founder of A.S.G. Solar Products who has designed and developed a 'Solar Powered Vehicle' Ankush has invented some techniques of power storage and developed some circuits to enhance the performance of the vehicle.

This solar-powered vehicle is a revolutionary invention and also an effective alternative to the existing system which mainly runs on fossil fuels.

He has obtained a provisional patent the first variant of such vehicle is ready on the road in a form of an Auto Rickshaw. Ankush is willing to make further developments in his design and wants to launch upgraded variants of Solar Powered vehicles.

Ankush Magji says I would be really obliged if I would get the opportunity to meet the investors and explain all the aspects of my invention along with the financial requirements. I want to discuss my project because this project is definitely going to play a vital role in the future of transportation.”

Many inventors and innovators like Ankush are missing their goals just because they are not getting financial support and encouragement for their inventions. Developing the solar auto was a big task for Ankush. While running behind the passion of making innovations in technology to conserve environment he dropped out his college since he didn't have an educational degree, the banks initially didn't approve his loan applications for the innovative project.'' There is no bank in the city where he has not applied for a loan. Instead of understanding his idea for the betterment of society and supporting him for the innovation, many people tried to discourage him, and finally, Maharashtra bank approved a nominal amount of loan from which he made his first prototype of the solar auto. Besides conserving the environment, the solar vehicle can be a path for empowerment to poor Indians. According to Ankush, the expenses for the fuel and the imported public vehicle and vehicle parts can be saved through solar vehicles. "The solar auto is manufactured through the parts that are sold in India, only the motor and controller of the vehicle is imported. The vision is to conform to 100% make in India for solar auto in the future.

Ankush says "I had also knocked doors of central and state ministries to get financial support for my project. " I have written letters to respected PM of India. I also have to meet Devendra Fadnavis 6 times for my project. In spite of these consistent approaches, my project did not get any support or encouragement from the government. I was in hope of getting encouragement through the make in India campaign. But not just me, many like me are still way far from the genuine encouragement and support from the authorities concerned," after the successful innovation of solar auto, now taking efforts for the development of advance solar rickshaw. I believe that ethics and values. I am very disappointed with the authorities. Though innovation is praised by people, it serves betterment is praised by people, it serves betterment for the environment, it can also help build the economy of the nation, it is not getting the desired support.

the unique feature about the solar auto is, it is free from sound and air pollution, and once the pollution is decreased it improves many discomforts to fresh air, improve the soil texture, water purity grows much higher even the consent of the listeners is much higher.

The benefits of solar auto are its Running cost is 5% compared to petrol, Due to the reduced cost of the tour, the prices will also be reduced due to other things. Yearly maintenance cost is 10%, gives expected speed and average, the main part is Eco friendly,

After-sale and service all over government approval for all over BHARAT, Commercial and private use also under 1 letter, Low taxes and high income, Solar + electric ( Hybrid vehicle ), 90% make in BHARAT, Nashik Maharashtra.

Early entrepreneurs will also benefit from starting the factory in BHARAT which will be 90% less vibration, it is a 100% advantage for the human body. This project will help for women empowerment due to its easy technology, the economic situation of the country and the common man will improve because of gearless technology any 1 can driver easily, a clean and green revolution can happen in worldwide.

When Ankush was in school he always thought of doing something innovative to conserve the environment. During his college days, he started working in photography, solar and led bulb innovations which didn't work as per his expectation. Taking some experience with solar products then he decided to develop a solar 2 wheeler the innovation worked, and the vehicle delivered expected results. The basic purpose behind the innovation is the betterment of the environment the solar 2 wheeler was limited to personal use, and then he started thinking about the similar innovation in public transport so that it could reach masses and the real purpose of controlling sound and air pollution will be achieved.

For initial research and development of electric rickshaws, he raised funds through banks in a form of a loan through which he developed his first model of electric rickshaws successfully. Ankush is planning for all solar vehicle manufacturing in Nashik, all public transport, and private transport to shift on solar.

Ankush says ‘’I have government technical advisors, company secretary, designer, technical mechanical, company designer as my core team members’’


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