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Kapdewala is a direct-to-consumer online apparel platform

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

With the belief that everyone deserves good clothes, Akash Sharma founded Kapdewala. This was the spirit in which Kapdewala was founded in 2021. Akash Says “ It all started at the time of covid when I lost my job and I learn the biggest lesson of my life that we should never get depended on one source of income, you k=never know what will happen tomorrow and it gives you the different lifestyle.

Although by profession he is a web developer and also an entrepreneur by heart. He always had a dream to start on his own but he was not sure, how to start? Because of being jobless at that time.

He got time to think for himself and he realized "Nothing will change until I will not change" We have to take risks to achieve our dreams. Finally, he decided that now I will not work for someone else.

always wanting to start something his own and here got inspired, more importantly, generate employment.

Akash always wanted to create job opportunities for others and It started with a simple idea that transformed itself into a business. Last year they started selling Holy T-shirts and got an overwhelming response.

With lots of effort, we sold more than 1000 t-shirts in just one month, and here when he decided to start my own clothing brand because people love to wear customized T-shirts. KAPDEWALA as the name describes is an online clothing e-commerce website for customized t-shirts for men & women. The idea behind the brand has always been to proudly convey the essence of India with the right amount of humor. “Kapdewala mainly targets people aged between 16 and 45 years. It majorly focuses on printed t-shirts & hoodies and makes customized products.

As part of this, the startup allows users to submit their designs and custom make their t-shirts" Kapdewala has created fashion reasonable in that across India and has been widely recognized for its unique designs. Noida-based Kapdewala delivers its products, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more, within five to seven days across India. We mainly focus on B2C sales, the startup also offers personalized merchandise like company t-shirts. Kapdewala is a bootstrapped startup that earns from the online sale of its products.

Kapdewala is a desi brand that provides the most unique, desi, and fun designs for our fashion and lifestyle products. Our motive is to provide the latest design products with high quality to our customers


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