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The Personality behind Ola Cabs: Ankit Bhati

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati, the ride-sharing company's Founder and Co-Founder, respectively, established Ola on December 3, 2010. Ola was founded to provide holiday packages and weekend trips through The name of the company was simply changed to Ola Cabs.

Ola Cabs bought Foodpanda, a meal delivery startup, in 2017 to compete with Uber Eats. When Ankit agreed to supply meals through Foodpanda via Ola Cabs, severe disagreements occurred between Bhavish and Ankit. Bhavish faced troubles with Ola Cabs when it came to meal delivery.

When Bhavish restricted Ankit in Ola Electric, difficulties emerged. Through ANI Technologies, Ankit was only a minor part of it. Bhavish's concept, Ola Electric, seeks to create a nationwide network of electric charging stations. Bhavish acquired a 92.5 percent stake in Ola Electric. This is when Ankit made the decision to leave the company.

According to rumours, Ankit has not been showing up in the office, though he will continue to hold his stakes for the time being.

Ankit Bhati struggled to code the Ola website at his old apartment near IIT Bombay, examining his wits. He remembered well the days when he would save money from his pocket to go to a cybercafe. He used to spend his time in chat rooms learning about the internet.

Ankit spent the majority of his time at IIT Bombay's computer centre when he first came. Today's technology has evolved significantly, and he thrives on the challenges he faces on a regular basis. Throughout his ten years of expertise, he has met numerous technological issues, but he has managed to keep the team moving forward. He ultimately realised the value of data, which helped him deal with technological issues and find driver-partners for Ola.

About Ankit Bhati

Ola Cabs Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Ankit Bhati Ola were founded by Ankit Bhati and his friend Bhavish Aggarwal in 2010. He is also the co-founder of ANI Technologies. There have been rumours that Ankit Bhati left the ridesharing startup last year due to severe differences with Bhavish Aggarwal, the company's founder. Despite this, his contribution to the organisation much exceeds expectations.

Ankit Bhati was born in the Indian city of Jodhpur in the year 1987. He currently resides in the Indian city of Bangalore, Karnataka. He is an introvert who spends much of his time coding while sitting in the corner. He enjoys spending his free time with his pals. Ankit Bhati is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, among other social media networks. He was not interested in extracurricular activities during his academic career, preferring instead to focus on computers. The computer centre was where Ankit used to spend the majority of his time. Aside from computers, he enjoys cycling and going on adventure vacations. His love of adventure journeys sparked the idea of creating a trip website.

Ankit Bhati enrolled in the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, in 2004 to pursue a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. He realised that computer programming and technology were the only fields in which he could achieve new heights. Later, he participated in an M.Tech programme in CAD and automation, which he finished in 2010. He also worked on freelancing jobs designing websites during his undergraduate years to supplement his income. Ankit Bhati created ANI Technologies in Bangalore, Karnataka, after finishing his higher education in Mumbai. He is noted for maintaining a low profile and is rarely seen at events or product launches.


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