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Clairvoyance Stratadviz Pvt. Ltd.- Making India a Cyber Vigilant Community with 100% Employability

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Billions of dollars are lost every year repairing systems hit by cyber-attacks. Indian consumers lost over 18 billion U.S. dollars due to cybercrimes in 2017. However, these are just reported numbers and could be unregistered. In a survey, the number of cybercrimes reported in India increased from 3,422 in 2012 to 44,546 in 2019. Seeing these numbers shooting day by day, the threat of Cyber Attacks is increasing gradually. Hence Cyber Security Awareness is an absolute necessity to safeguard the whole community. Realizing this, Clairvoyance Stratadviz Pvt. Ltd. was founded in March 2021 to provide Cyber Security services to various corporates.

Currently, every sector is going online whether it is education, healthcare, or defense. The absence of proper cyber security and its awareness causing the shutdown of vital systems. Sometimes it causes disrupting or even disabling the work of hospitals, banks, and emergency call centers all over the country. Only 30% of the total population reported having Cyber Security Awareness. Therefore, the need of cyber awareness is necessary for everyone. Clairvoyance’s cyber security here comes to rescue with their team of Professional Ethical Hackers and Engineers.

Back in March 2019, a team of IIT and MIT Alumni laid the foundations of Clairvoyance Stratadviz Pvt. Ltd with an initiative to make Cyber Vigilant Community. They have successfully served 200+ clients in this time. With a decade year of experience in providing Cyber Security services to various corporates, they have completed many VAPT, WAPT, and Incident Management projects across the nation. They have also trained many workforces from Police Department which later helped them to solve cybercrime cases. Their services are necessary to stop cybercriminals from continuing their wicked plans.

The problem it solves

Their initiative is to make India Cyber Vigilant Community with 100% Employability. Almost everyone is bothered about the unemployable youth in India, but very few are giving solutions to curb this issue. Here the problem isn’t the absence of vacancies as there are positions open in various prominent industries, the problem is the unavailability of relevant candidates. Most of the Training Institutes, Colleges, and Universities are providing bookish and theoretical knowledge only, while corporate need practical skills. As a result, unemployability is enlarging at an alarming rate. Therefore as an industry, Clairvoyance Stratadviz Pvt. Ltd. initiated to solve this problem by creating a platform where industry peoples can devote some time to train the candidates.

Currently, the company is working with a mission to develop trained and skilled graduates and reducing the gap between Corporates and Candidates. Their unique way of teaching ensures that candidates are getting skilled directly by Industry professionals. The mentors are usually highly skilled and specially-trained investigators who have firsthand experience and knowledge in Ethical hacking, Cyberlaw, and Cyber forensics. Sought after in both the private and public sectors, these investigators bring the skills needed to unravel today’s sophisticated internet crimes. This Industry Training has some special features such as Live Projects, guaranteed placements, and insight into Cyber Security. Such services are provided by no Training Institute, College, or University.

About the founder

The strongest pillar of this company and its core founder is Sumit Jha, an award-winning speaker. He has skilled more than 1 million people on Cyber Awareness. He has given 500+ workshops in more than 25 Countries at colleges, companies, industry meets, and government organizations. These workshops have supported more than 20,000 candidates. He has experience of over a decade in Cyber Security auditing. He isn’t just a man of mind but also the one with courage, who happily fought for his dreams and reached his goals at such a young age. He is a role model for the nation’s youth, intending to work hard and achieve success in life. He has devoted long hours to prepare himself to reach his destination, he triumphantly owns a start-up Aiva Technologies and Clairvoyance Stratadbiz Pvt. Ltd. His persona depicts his reality of being not just an inspiration but also a friend and guiding hand for many.

Plans for future

Their plans ahead are to expand the horizons and take this platform on a global level. They are following the concept of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat by making the online world safer and employing the youth of India. It is the first platform where industries are meeting directly their future requirements. As of now, there is no such platform that can provide this kind of service. Candidates of Clairvoyance Stratadviz Pvt. Ltd. aren’t taught by any teachers or college faculty, they get skilled directly by working professionals from the industry. This company has been revolutionizing the training system with unique solutions that satisfy every requirement.


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