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Borad EduGames, an educational gaming company that focuses on board games as a tool for learning

Borad EduGames is an educational gaming company that focuses on board games as a tool for game-based learning.

Today, EdTech is more about book learning and the element of fun seems like a missing part of the puzzle. Rote learning and mugging up have been relevant in the Indian education system.

The genesis of the idea can be traced back to the college days of Ayush & Rahul who wanted to add an element of fun in the process of learning.

They had started this as a college project and gauged rave reviews and further gained podium positions in several start-up competitions for this concept.

In essence, Borad EduGames is the gamification of learning that is intertwined with school and subject-based curriculums. The mission at Borad Games is to enhance the education system by incrementing enthusiasm among students to learn about varied subjects.

Thus, the Borad game is a line of educational board games aimed directly at students to enhance their knowledge through the use of interactive and thought-provoking board games.

They have created a whole line of games based on different subjects. Presently, there are 4 games based on Geography, History, English, and Mathematics. Teachers and schools use Borad EduGames as a catalyst in bridging the gap between assignments being assigned to kids and establishing expected learning outcomes.

Their most popular game is Zoozone Adventurer, the geography-based board game. It is also their first and longest selling SKU.

The goal at Borad EduGames is to strengthen the learning base of students and the vision is to conceptualize curriculum-based games from scratch and design it with the help of professional graphic designers.

The games conceptualized and created by Borad EduGames are patent protected. There are several game combos that a parent can easily buy and make the process of learning fun for their children.

The easiest way to make a purchase is directly from their website and also, they can be found at Hamley's, other toy stores, and on Amazon.

Borad EduGames is on the trajectory to clock 3 Million in revenue this year.

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