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Our passion to gather our peers onto a single platform for a free-flowing exchange of ideas and aspirations is only equaled by our love for entrepreneurship and its global impact. We also hold other media publishing activities such as debate shows and news podcasts to provide entrepreneurs in niche areas a platform for visibility, networking, funding, mentoring and digital reprints authorized for posting and distribution.


Request Your Media coverage

Is your story need an coverage? if you  are you a startup, founder or an entrepreneur looking to get feature on Unstoppable India and our magazine. We would be glad to connect with our editorial team for your coverage.

You can feature on Unstoppable India in many ways

  • Request for story of the week- The story will be live on the first page on the section named “Story of the week”. 

  • Request for Magazine cover- The Founders can get themselves feature on the cover page of the magazine.

  • Request for Magazine coverage- Entrepreneurs, founders and startups can get their interview featured on magazine for covering their startup journey.  

  • Discover new ideas amid detailed coverage of emerging trends and opportunities.


  • Request for Live Podcasts and Debate shows- If you want to request for shows kindly submit the following details.

Our Editorial team and Authors will be in touch with you to verify the details submitted and to set up an interaction to cover your interview or story. As we will be reaching out to all valid requests individually, we request your patience once the request is made.

Submissions and request

If you have other request for non-Editorial coverage and Brand solutions, please reach out to

To contact the Editorial team for any feedback on an article or to report an error, write to:


Partnership and collaborations

Interested in partnership and collaborations with Unstoppable India get in touch via email at


Attendees Press and Sponsors mail us at

Report an issue or something fraud ant activity

Report us at


Work with Us

We at Unstoppable India support in the betterment of the society and growth of the employees. We offer best for their career and future opportunities. JOIN, WORK & GROW

Stay connected with us for Careers opportunities


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