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Dr. Bhaskar Swami: A Serial Techprenuer, Spirituality & Life Coach

A Jack of all trades is a master of none but sometimes better than a master of one. Dr. Bhaskar Swami is one such all-in-one man who’s surprisingly master of all he does. A full-time Digital Business Consultant, a spiritual and meditation coach, and a founder of various platforms in and around business and technology, he does it all with ease.

Dr. Bhaskar Swami

He’s and curious individual who has a deep passion for business and Technology. Being smart is one thing but being a habitual knowledge seeker is something else. He’s one of those who love knowing how things work. In their spare time, he enjoys traveling, playing board games & learning multiple languages.

His skills in AWS Cloud Consulting, Branding Strategies Skills, Technical Documentation, influencer Marketing Services, and Digital Marketing are remarkably well. Today he’s a Google Certified Digital Marketer and a Strategic Business Partner of Class plus where he contributed to helping 1 Lakh coaching institutes who have grown their business through their own app.

Being a committed Spiritual & Meditation Coach for Entrepreneurs & Students, he has helped many to pace towards the path of wisdom and eternal blissful life. Bhaskar founded Million Dollar Meditation Formula (MMDF) Inspired by Pitamah Brahmrishi Patriji as a platform to serve this noble cause. He’s also an activist in Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM).

Dr.Bhaskar Swami is a well-known name in the technology sector. He’s highly updated and a learner in tech, hence he serves as a technology advisor for Police Headquarters, Government of Rajasthan, and national IT Head- Rural Journalists Association of India (RJAI) Associating your name with this dynamic personality is enough to grow your business with expertise in Social Media Management arena. He’s been giving services beyond one’s grasp in Digital and Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Designing, Content Marketing, and whatnot. His unique result-driven approach and business strategies are tailor-made for the target audience in the business world.

In order to excel in the competitive business landscape, brands need to work on their social media management strategy, on failing to do so, even established brands lose their authority in the due course. The execution of proven social and digital media strategies, like those offered by Dr. Bhaskar Swami, can make businesses and relevant entities pull off advantages of cooperation and collaboration.


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