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“BLUEOCEAN” is a Delhi-based healthcare Technology and Reputation Management company. They have proudly secured a position as innovator and market leader in the industry. Being emerged out as an expert in developing Inbound Marketing Plans, they help in manufacturing Software’s and Implementing strategies for the healthcare service providers. They have eased out the whole process of accessing digital marketing by maintaining a steady digital footprint for brands.

The Healthcare sector is a very conservative market where companies marketing totally involve offline marketing activities however due to current covid-era companies are looking for reliable marketing agencies that have expertise and experience in the healthcare domain and help them in engaging customers digitally. The biggest challenge faced by healthcare companies was adapting to the Next New Normal where the focus of the target audience shifted from offline to online!

The Healthcare industry is changing its stance as a competitive and cost-constrained area, therefore a reliable strategic partner such as Blueocean is crucial to gain success to its core. They stand as one among the ace marketing company in the healthcare field that avail marketing and communication support to both established and emerging Hospitals. They help with tech support even to Clinics, Individual Practitioners, and Corporates including FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices & Diagnostic companies.

This fame acquired by Blueocean is all due to their proficient team who have worked tirelessly for it. These highly experienced minds with extensive experience have stabled themselves a position of leading innovators and marketers. Hence, they’re at the apex of Mobile/Web Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Personal Branding & Reputation Management field.

Blueocean is powered by the extraordinary vision of Young Management Professionals. The company was founded in 2017, which has established a pan India presence in a very short span of time. It has a long track record of great accomplishments in marketing and innovation. Today, the company is built on this strong foundation of extensive experience as a recognized industry pioneer and leader. They are proud to impose the latest technology for designing and executing customized and integrated solutions that achieve superior results.

They are immensely consummate and experienced all over in the Healthcare sector, touching part and parcel of it. They have worked with clients in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices & equipment, Nutraceuticals, Health & Wellness, Aesthetic, Diagnostic, Health Education, etc. The experts of Blueocean have implemented strategies for their clients required while accessing the latest healthcare system. They have gained huge profits by brand recognition and strong positioning in selected targets in the least possible time.

“Presently Blueocean Healthcare is blooming high in the eyes of doctors, surgeons, hospitals, and healthcare companies. Handling more than 100 Pan-India clients and international clients in the US & UK, Blueocean is confident that with the rising demand for digital platforms, the digital healthcare services will showcase their clients’ services perfectly and induce a high growth rate curve” said Ravi Singh Kushwaha.

Ravi Singh Kushwaha, the founder of Blueocean has a wide 15 years of experience in serving the healthcare segment. After completion of his MBA from Amity business school Noida, he started “Blueocean Healthcare International Private Limited” with an aim to work for all stakeholders in the healthcare domain (Hospitals, Doctors, Healthcare companies) to create a positive impact on Patients’ lives with broad technological advancement and digital strategies.

Ravi and his team offer services through competent individuals or small teams of consultations, in order to meet every stakeholder, need be it in Development or Marketing. With a mission to help healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics, and individual practitioners, Blueocean has paved its way to win patient loyalty & achieve better outcomes through well-applied technology.


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